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His family is sad to announce that Jon Bredal suddenly passed away on June 25th, 2014.

He was sixty-nine years old. He was working in New York, on his way to a workshop, when he died of an undetected heart condition. He was immediately attended to, but could not be revived.

Jon would have been happy to return to the Source in such an immediate and painless way, but we left behind will miss him terribly.

We like to remember him dancing to du-wop music, telling stories of his basketball days, and taking care of the land he loved so much. Little children were magnetized to him, and he was a master of being present with them.

We invite you to contribute personal remarks, poems, art, and shared memories to his virtual memorial, a tribute to his life of love, service, and compassion. An online memorial will be active within three weeks of his passing. Sign-up now at http://www.bredalmemorial.com.


Jon Bredal blends healing and play with a powerful grace and deep fun, helping each person to bring about significant, joyful change.
For over twenty years, his work has helped children and families heal some of the most challenging difficulties facing them today: ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, depression, learning blocks, sensory disorders, birth trauma, incomplete infant bonding, and autism.

He can help your family clear the blocks to authentic bonding, making for a greater ease and happiness in everyday life.

Have a look at Jon's seven You Tube videos.



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